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Earthly things need to be known to love them, heavenly things to love to know (B. Pascal).


About me

I entered the world of professional astrology in 2001 upon ending a successful career in journalism. I have always been driven by ideas that set people free, take them on the path of self-awareness and understanding of the great laws of the Universe. I found somewhat a master-key in the metaphysical science of astrology that saves people from getting stuck in various blind alleys of choices – karma, relationships, religious and worldview dogmas. The web page www.horoskopas.ltwas the first in Lithuania on astrologic topic. 

I am a modern astrologist and practitioner, a free thinker experimenting within the frame of the classic Ptolemean European tradition. I gained basic astrological knowledge at the Moscow Academy of Astrology (ВШКА, Moscow), sought further training in workshops by S.Shestopalov, K.Dilanian, D.Kutaliov and webinars held by ISAR. I do forecast for various magazines, hold lectures at various clubs and societies. I am certified in ISAR code of ethics and professional consultancy and I participate  regularly at international conferences. My main influences are B.Brady, K. Dilanian, N.J.Tyll, F. Clifford, A.Leo. 

Apart from stars, my other passion is  a watercolour painting: I dedicate my free time to it in my beloved garden. I also teach art for the village children, attend art workshops and exhibitions. My dream is to learn how to paint healing mandalas with prophetic visions that I have whilst meditating. A watercolour is for opening my soul, and I use poetry to reveal my feelings and experiences from relationships. Travelling is for setting my imagination free and exploring transformations of consciousness in sacral locations. Gardening teaches me the secrets of Nature and God’s Creation. I live everywhere but in winter I mainly reside in Vilnius and spend summers in a remote countryhouse near Turgeliai. 

I love Lithuania dearly, that’s where my roots, the strength of my spirit and my heart’s song lie.

Saule Jonaityte

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